Environment Progress 01

Work In Progress / 11 August 2018

Hey everyone! It has been quite some time since my last update. This update will be very short as I have been a little busy this month and haven't had much free time to dedicate to this project. I have dealt with frequent computer crashes, reattempting to read through my ever growing pile of literature, and spending time with my family. During all of this I have managed to get a few more props in, focusing on modeling and texturing electrical props, drapes, and the tree.


During the process I delved into researching foliage practices and texturing, in which I hope to implement improved foliage into my next milestone. But for now I have a small test scene and assets that I created in order to generate a quick tree for my scene. I plan to fill in the background environment with many trees using a similar method, that is pictured below. Essentially I blocked out the tree and limbs in Maya, then sculpted the details in Zbrush and baked out the maps in Substance Painter. For the Limbs I started off with three sets and three variations to quickly generate various limbs that then attached to my tree. I think the results look pretty good and will be going back to add foliage cards so my tree doesn't look so naked. 

Alright guys, so that will be it for this update. Hopefully next time I will have more content to share! 

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